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You are a qualified Japanese language professional (with experience or even a fresher)

Looking for Japanese Jobs? Why engage with us?
Looking for a Japanese Job? Why engage with us? Consider these….  You need a specialist, not a generalist placement agency  , no matter how popular they are!

1. Our clientele is such that we have a variety of Japanese language job types , across multiple industry verticals & roles to offer

2. We have a comprehensive Japanese language service engagement with most of our clients . So its not just about Japanese language jobs, its about Japanese language training, translation & interpretation service . Thus its only natural that our clients open up to us & seek our service when it comes to filling up Japanese jobs positions.

3. We understand the Japanese language services industry, since we have been in this business since the year 2000. Thus you can be sure when you talk to us about your Japanese language jobs requirement.

4. Fitment to a job is very crucial. We are in a position to offer that since we actively engage with out clients, understand this industry & are also able to map a candidate’s Japanese language skill set.

5.  We offer a choice of permanent & temp jobs  based on the candidates’ skill & preference.

6. Most importantly, we have a GOOD track record!

So just open up!! Call or mail us immediately with your detailed resume`. We will get right back to you. After a quick discussion with you, we will keep you updated on prospective opportunities that you could consider.