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Sakuraa Nihongo Resource Centre provides both  permanent & temporary staffing services to organizations  that have, open, Japanese language jobs positions.

 How do we go about it?

In the Japanese  language jobs business , more often than not, we  know our candidates (as in, their skill levels) & clients (as in, their requirements) !  We leverage this ability & address the aspirations/ objectives  of both. So its not a keyword search  & dump CV operation! We constantly  talk to new candidates to validate their skills. This helps us plan precisely to manage & match Japanese language job openings to their aspirations. In some instances we have had clients who were not fully aware of the actual Japanese language skill & level  required to deliver a particular Japanese language job, largely due to a lack of familiarity in this area.We help them understand the requirement & then articulate the strengths of  a set of candidates.  This is a significant value add that we deliver.

Here are some very good reasons to engage with us!
  • Our Japanese language candidate database is nurtured, qualified over many years & has evolved naturally.  This is because we are a comprehensive Japanese language service provider. Apart from  offering Japanese language jobs service, we offer  Japanese language training , Japanese language translation & interpretation. So its but natural that we get qualified candidates whose skills, are know to us.
  • Candidates are not sourced based on a keyword search , which adds no value to the client.
  • We sit with the client  & plan Japanese jobs requirements. This would mean looking at a client’s plan and addressing contingency requirements + stop gap arrangements (e.g. train / polish up a candidates’ Japanese language skill to address quick fix requirements).
  • Help organizations recruit freshers with an integrated Japanese language training program. This would need us to work with colleges on behalf of our clients.
  • Go beyond recruitment. Help employees get appropriate levels of Japanese language certification.

So call or mail us with your detailed requirement & we will get right back to you!