Job Types

Japanese Language Jobs – Types japanese language jobs

Broadly speaking there are two types of Japanese language jobs in the Indian market.

  1. Technical Japanese language jobs
  2. Non Technical Japanese language jobs
Technical Japanese language jobs:

Usually need a strong combination of industry specific technical skills (such as in Software, IT, Pharma, Banking & Finance, Management Consulting, Marketing etc) + Levels ( e.g. entry level, mid level, manager, team lead, project manager etc) + Japanese language skills with varying emphasis on aspects like spoken, written & conversational abilities.

Non Technical Japanese language jobs:

Here the theme is to get qualified Japanese language’ skilled personnel, with varying experience, who can translate/ interpret/ coordinate between various teams etc as required of the role.


Engagement Models – The engagement models with client varies between permanent engagement to contractual ones. There are also many short terms opportunities where the Japanese language job seeker could be engaged for periods ranging from a day to a few months. So based on the candidates’ skill & need, we position them to attractive & relevant Japanese language jobs