Are we unique?

Japanese Language Jobs – Are We Unique?japanese language jobs

Most Certainly ! Our Japanese language jobs business is not about subscribing to a popular jobs portal ,  do a “keyword search” & then trigger “operation dump”  to send “lots” of CVs to a prospective employer! To deliver meaningful & quality Japanese language jobs  service, its important to clearly understand the candidates’ bilingual profile & aspiration & be able to match it with prospective jobs.  This comes naturally to us & is in our DNA

The batter is the same, so would anyone risk saying that idlis & dosas are the same!!! Ironically something like this happens with many “star” recruiting firms / agencies when it comes to relating to Japanese language job positions.

   Here are some specific examples of  Japanese language job roles that typical “recruitment agencies” find hard to differentiate.

- Japanese interpretation job Vs Japanese translation job.

- Japanese language interpretation Vs Japanese language simultaneous interpretation.

- Japanese language training roles.

Such situations are not uncommon. 

Candidates are very specific about the Japanese language job specialization they seek. Most of them have a very specific flair for specialization within the Japanese language. For e.g. it would be a waste of time trying to position some one who likes to teach Japanese for  a Japanese translation job, only because the key word search threw up their resume!!! Thus in engaging with such “recruitment agencies” a Japanese language jobs candidates would end up wasting time going after irrelevant job  positions. Same is true of prospective employers.